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Purple Amethyst

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These strands SHINE like a purple amethyst due to their unique pearl pigment. "Oh, see how they shine!"

Bake Stable Sprinkles: Mix these sprinkles into your cookie dough before baking for bright pops of color! These also work surprisingly well when mixed into meringue buttercream!*

*Te gebruiken voor koekjes zowel voor als na het bakken. Minder geschikt voor vloeibaar beslag zoals cake, net zoals botercrème en slagroom. (Best used in cookie dough before baking. These are less suited for more liquid batter such as cake batter, American buttercream and whipped cream.)

These sprinkles will not bleed their color into your batter.  And, unlike confetti sprinkles, these melt fully in the oven leaving only spots of color behind. Add these sprinkles to your cookie dough before baking to make popular American funfetti or confetti birthday cookies! 




*Ingredients: Sugar, Vegetable Oil (coconut), Glucose Syrup, Colors (E120, E132, E171), Glazing Agent (E901 with coconut oil, shellac).