Bakvaste jimmies met chocolade sprinkles

USA Rainbow Jimmies

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A color mix of jimmies that you find in the USA- a mix of rainbow sprinkles that also includes chocolate sprinkles for even more fun pops of color!

So neat! See inside of a sprinkles factory! Watch how jimmies sprinkles are made on our FAQ page.

Bake Stable sprinkles: These sprinkles will not bleed their color into batter or dough.  These melt fully in the oven and will only leave spots of color behind.

Perfect for the popular American funfetti or confetti birthday cake or cupcakes, confetti cookies or confetti cookie cakes!

Ingredients: Icing Sugar (sugar, potato starch), Un hydrogenated Vegetable Fat (palm), Maize Starch, Fat Reduced Cocoa Powder, Water, Emulsifier (rapeseed lecithin), Glazing Agents (shellac, acacia gum), Colors (E102, E104, E110, E122, E124, E129, E132, E151). Gluten free, not suitable for vegans. This product contains colorings which may cause an adverse effect on attention and activity in children.

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